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Did you finish your plate?

We arrive at this buffet and there’s so much to choose from. At this point, our childhood to adulthood experiences has shaped our tastebuds, and outlook on things.

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Do you ever think back to that time when you were at that one place or someone’s house and that food on your plate was just so bomb?! Now at this later date, when your stomach is growling, and your mind churning trying to figure out what to eat- you think about that goodness on your plate that you threw away. Mouth savoring the taste that was oh so great- that you now today crave. As your mouth waters you begin to beat yourself up for throwing such goodness away. Only to move on to another place to repeat things the same exact way.

Have you ever stopped to think of your life as that plate? With God being a willing server and the enemy is the competitor with warmers looking to also fill your plate! Where are you taking this plate? Well of course the world is much like a buffet! So here you are in the world with your plate called life not realizing your choices are determining many other things. Flow with me for this reading.

We arrive at this buffet and there’s so much to choose from. At this point, our childhood to adulthood experiences has shaped our tastebuds, and outlook on things.

I thought about this analogy as I was talking to God- telling Him I wanted to get everything He had for me this season. I began to repent, if there was anything I had left on my plate or that didn’t even make it to it because of me being out of focus and position last season. It sparked more thought about opportunities and things God possibly had for me in the last season that didn’t even make it to my plate! Trials, death, and more come up, throwing us completely off course. Sometimes keeping us stuck from simply moving forward like the Israelites did right before the Red Sea.

There’s so much He has for us but we fill up our plates with so many other things. Our eyes are bigger than our stomach’s, so we have the enemy’s portion, our desires as a portion, and want Gods to! We become those people at the buffet (world) who wants some of everything! That’s the burden of freedom of choice though, right?! Just because we can have or do everything it doesn’t mean everything is good for you. This is something I’m learning in my walk of life and faith.

Now as I press into this new year, after that fluke called 2020, I reset my goals and refocus. That’s when the question comes again- “Did you finish your plate?”

So, I challenge you to no longer be wasteful! No longer be greedy filling up your plate too fast- before you get to see everything. Leaving no room for what’s really meant for you. Instead let’s allow God to serve us. Switch from a buffet to a 6-course meal. There’s a certain crowd that eats this way -so let’s choose to be among them. God knows the right portions for us and how to ensure we leave full and satisfied. However, we have to make room.

In conclusion, will you get everything God wants to put on your plate this season and will you eat all of it? Or will you fill your plate with time snatching - useless activities and not even get to finish or fill your plate with the food made just for you. I challenge you to evaluate- What’s on your plate?

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